Sword & Shenanigans March 18, 2017

Capital City Martial Arts & Grands Rapids Glima Society hosted Michigan Hema Associations 2nd event. 55 Hema practioners from 9 different clubs ascended on Grand Rapids for training ,food, and great classes including Meyer Rappier, peasant staff, longsword, Glima, Irish stick fighting, combat spear and codex wallerstein.


Tomahawk & Knife workshop 2017 with Dr. John Lennox

January 28 & 29 Capital City Martial Arts hosted Dr. John Lennox and his workshop on the use of Tomahawk and large Knife fighting. We had a group of 20 people come for the weekend from all over the State of Michigan. Which was awsome being our first workshop we’ve hosted. Day 1. We were introduced to large knife fighting with history , grips, the difference from tactical knifes of today, striking & guards, combat theory. By the end of day one we just started the same process with the tomahawk. Day 2 picked up with the Tomahawk with drill and the same as one then it got interesting Buy combining the two together with combinations and oh crap scenarios. The philosophy of the weekend was not to drill technique after technique but for you to be able to fluently be able to use and remember patterns and movement which would allow you to use a hawk and knife at anytime and not go ok which technique works. It was brilliant. Our club will continue training in hawk and knife and our studies of historical weapons with Dr. John Lennox threw the years. Please keep an eye out for our next workshop.

Below is one of the controlled sparring matches we had at the end of the workshop.

Tomahawk & Knife 2017 Controlled Sparring